Dynamic Pilates Barre

Like traditional Pilates, Dynamic Pilates will improve posture, increase core stability, stretch out tight areas in the body and strengthen weaknesses to help create long and lean muscles.

Dynamic Pilates still focuses on all of the above however the intensity is increased by use of repetition, small equipment and various newly developed exercises.

We incorporate the TRX in this training method. It is a form of suspension training which can be used in a very small space. Your hands or feet go into the adjustable strap whilst you use gravity and your own body to create the load. It will help to gain extra strength, balance, flexibility and core stability simultaneously. There are literally 100s of exercise variations that can be used on the TRX.

As the speed and intensity of dynamic pilates  is higher than a traditional Pilates class you will experience an increase in heart rate and thus it becomes a class that will not only develop strong long and lean muscles but will also help you burn fat.